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Welcome to the Sanctuary

We are committed to creative growth through the arts and engendering a spirit of community. This is a grassroots experiment in sharing. Follow the link below to read more about us.

About Us
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Check out the link to the calendar below to see upcoming shows, workshops and events happening at the Sanctuary.

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Sewing Night

Come the second Sunday of the month from 6pm to 9pm for sewing & mending night.

Suggested donation of $5 - $20

Call Debbie with questions

See you there!

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Open Lab

Our open lab hours are

12 pm to 7 pm
11 am to 4:30 pm.
11 am to 4:30 pm.

See the link below for more information.

Open Lab Brochure

Upcoming Events at the Sanctuary

Friday August 26th, The Secret Life of Spantsa

A new play by Zuzka Sabata

Local performer Zuzka Sabata is taking her original one-woman play about historical figure Olive Oatman, the first tattoed white woman in America, on tour to 6 different venues across Humboldt County, August 18 - 28, 2016 at 8pm. This provocative piece of physical theatre is a work-in-progress and all performances will be followed by an audience talkback. Tickets are a suggested donation of $10 with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Olive Oatman was a white American migrant who, in 1852, found herself adopted by the Mojave Tribe at the age of 15. Upon returning to white society, Olive spent a decade travelling the country and lecturing about her experiences to audiences that were both horrified by and hungry to know more about indigenous culture. This highly physical performance delves into the seemy side of American expansionary history by moving beyond the standard narrative of so-called captivity stories into the inner world of a woman caught between cultures and permanently marked by murder.

Ms. Sabata will be joined by dancer and choreographer Laura Muñoz, who will present a new short work entitled “Unqualified Desire” : a woman, a giant bag, the empty space.

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Art Facilities - Open to the Public

        In an attempt to make artistry more accessible to the general public, the Sanctuary provides essential resources that would not otherwise be available to artists and makers with limited space, tools, or knowledge. Three days a week the public is invited for Open Lab hours in our studio and workshop spaces, where they explore and create with the guidance of knowledgeable technicians. These spaces not only inspire art-making but also the restoration, recycling and repurposing of old materials, modeling a lifestyle of waste-diversion and prevention.

Our open lab hours on:

12 pm to 7 pm

11 am to 4:30 pm.

11 am to 4:30 pm


Current Art Exhibit at the Sanctuary

9 Stories & Northern California Elegy

The Sanctuary is pleased to announce two new exhibitions. The main hall will feature “9 stories,” a series of woodblock prints by Patrick Vincent and Lauren Rose Kinney. The meeting room will feature “Northern California Elegy,” new works by Steuart Pittman. The exhibitions will be on view through the months of July and August, with an opening reception taking place 6-9pm on July 8th during Arts Arcata.

The opening celebration will also feature a temporary installation inspired by Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler's “Picture Out of Doors” from 1988, in which the Sanctuary will unhinge all of the interior doors from the building, encouraging visitors to experience a space without closed doors.

9 stories

In 9 Stories, Patrick Vincent and Lauren Kinney collaborate to present a narrative bestiary in black and white woodcut. The prints, which vary in scale according to the animal depicted, each address a single animal figure which is then filled with dream-like landscapes, folk tales, and hidden symbols. These works are ever-evolving as a hybrid of Vincent's investigation in animal symbolism and Kinney's surreal, graphic storytelling. Kinney is a native of Northern California, and a graduate of Humboldt State University with a long history of exhibiting her work in the area. Both Vincent and Kinney currently live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Northern California Elegy

Steuart Pittman makes paintings of familiar forms with meticulous precision. Informed by drawings and “improvisations” in his sketchbooks, each painting develops slowly and decisively. Approaching his painting practice as a spiritual pursuit, Pittmans compositions carry a sense of calm, as well as a confident grounding in the principles of color and balance. Pittman earned an MFA from Mills College in 2009, and currently resides in Oakland, California.

Picture Out of Doors

Inspired by Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler's Picture Out of Doors from 1988, the Sanctuary will unhinge all of the interior doors from the building, encourage visitors to experience a space without closed doors. Every nook and cranney will be exposed, giving visitors a unique opportunity to see the Sanctuary in its entirety. This re-creation of Ericson and Ziegler's work will take place for one night only, and is being hosted by the Sanctuary’s co-founders Solomon Lowenstein and Katie Belknap.

Eastern European Folk Music Meetup - Starts Mid-August

You are invited to play and sing a variety of Eastern European, Balkan, and international folk music with a new community music group (hosted by members of Chubritza) meeting on Monday evenings at the Sanctuary at 1301 J Street in Arcata!

All instruments and levels are welcome. Vocal emphasis from 7-7:30, vocals and instruments from 7:30-8 and instruments from 8-8:30.

Please bring a variety of instruments, your singing voice, and music you would like to try. Participants are welcome to read music or learn by ear. (A recording device may be helpful.) We will bring a number of tunes to the first session and choose among them when we see who attends.

A $1-5 donation per session is requested toward cost of the space, with thanks to the Humboldt Folklife Society for providing a grant to subsidize expenses.

We would love to hear from you if you plan to attend to gain a better idea of what kind of instruments we may have and how many copies to make (although an RSVP is not required.)

For more information about this meetup, please contact Linnea at 707-496-6784 or or Craig at 707-496-6734

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