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Welcome to the Sanctuary

We are committed to creative growth through the arts and engendering a spirit of community. This is a grassroots experiment in sharing. Follow the link below to read more about us.

About Us
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Check out the link to the calendar below to see upcoming shows, workshops and events happening at the Sanctuary.

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Sewing Night

Come the second Sunday of the month from 6pm to 9pm for sewing & mending night.

Suggested donation of $5 - $20

Call Debbie with questions

See you there!

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Open Lab

We now have open lab hours on

12 pm to 7 pm
11 am to 4:30 pm.
11 am to 4:30 pm.

See the link below for more information.

Open Lab Brochure

Upcoming Events at the Sanctuary

Sunday June 26th, 3 Leg Tosro

3 Leg Torso's sound has been reported as wildly exciting, wildly eclectic, and difficult to describe. A controlled madness performed by the remarkable musicianship of a chamber-gypsy psychedelic beast with punk stage presence. Sometimes brisk, prancing with mad eccentric elegance, other times contemplative but never less than masterful. The group's five members have long been respected as kings of their instruments as well as for their composing skills.

3 Leg Torso formed in 1996 as a violin, accordion, and cello ensemble with the vision of creating original works that are inspired by music and cultures from around the world, including France, Eastern Europe, Argentina and the Middle East. Since it's inception, 3 Leg Torso expanded into a quintet, adding double bass and assorted percussion instruments including vibraphone, glockenspiel and xylophone. The ensemble has composed and licensed music for filmmakers including Academy Award winning animator Joan Gratz, Morgan Spurlock, Teller (Penn & Teller) Bill Plympton, and National Geographic special about doomsday preppers.

Having arranged their music for full symphony orchestra, 3 Leg Torso has performed successful concerts with the Portland Festival Symphony, the Central Oregon Symphony, Beaverton Symphony and the Pacific Crest Wind Symphony.

3 Leg Torso just finished tracking as special guests on Storm Large'supcoming album.

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Open Lab

We now have open lab hours on

12 pm to 7 pm
11 am to 4:30 pm.
11 am to 4:30 pm.



Current Art Exhibit at the Sanctuary

Dance Hall Days - by Gina Tuzzi

The Sanctuary is excited to announce Dance Hall Days, a painting exhibition inspired by music and movement. The main hall will feature new works by Gina Tuzzi. The meeting room will feature contributions from students of the Humboldt State University honors painting program. The exhibition will be on view through the months of May and June, with an opening reception taking place 6-9pm on May 13th during Arts Arcata. In addition, Jaymorg will be providing ambiance with a selection of dance hall records.

Sounds provided by Jaymorg

More about “Dance Hall Days”

Gina Tuzzi’s world of painting has a beat. Often directly referencing the musicians she is inspired by, Tuzzi paints a vibrant world full of color and movement. For this exhibition of new paintings and sculptures, the act of dancing is celebrated with color fields, wild brush strokes, and the stark profiles of jubilant dancing figures. Tuzzi adds in her own words:

“Two minutes and fifteen seconds into the dance track I Feel Love by Donna Summer, she repeats the refrain "You and Me" 5 times in a row in this cascading walk down of beckoning vocal notes, like a disco waterfall that embraces me in it's daydream arms listen after listen. The resonance of this sensation runs deep, making my body move, my mind remember the smell of sweet rum from the Coconut Grove bathroom in the spring of '95, my mind's eye see fuchsia beams intersecting blushing pink light from a distant pulsing atmosphere. There's an undeniable escape in that fleeting yet impactful moment, one I welcome and cherish every time I encounter it. The aim of this particular body of work is to visually manifest those sublime sensations, through a language of light, texture, color and rhythm. Dance floor memories flood my conscious mind and eclipse any fear, trouble or concerned thought. The making of the work is a meditation on the positive, a reminder of the richness of our moments, past, present and future in the generous subtlety of light and sound.”

Dance Hall Days also features a group of artists from the HSU honors painting program, who have been studying under Gina Tuzzi. Join us as we celebrate these promising young artists during HSU’s graduation weekend.

Eastern European Folk Music Meetup - Monday Nights

You are invited to play and sing a variety of Eastern European, Balkan, and international folk music with a new community music group (hosted by members of Chubritza) meeting on Monday evenings at the Sanctuary at 1301 J Street in Arcata!

All instruments and levels are welcome. Vocal emphasis from 7-7:30, vocals and instruments from 7:30-8 and instruments from 8-8:30.

Please bring a variety of instruments, your singing voice, and music you would like to try. Participants are welcome to read music or learn by ear. (A recording device may be helpful.) We will bring a number of tunes to the first session and choose among them when we see who attends.

A $1-5 donation per session is requested toward cost of the space, with thanks to the Humboldt Folklife Society for providing a grant to subsidize expenses.

We would love to hear from you if you plan to attend to gain a better idea of what kind of instruments we may have and how many copies to make (although an RSVP is not required.)

For more information about this meetup, please contact Linnea at 707-496-6784 or or Craig at 707-496-6734

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