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the Sanctuary is dedicated to creative growth through artful living.We encourage people to teach, inspire and know each other.


Our Mission

The Sanctuary exists to creatively connect people with resources, experiences, ideas, and each other. Located in downtown Arcata, CA, the Sanctuary is a community arts center and non-profit organization based in an historic building that was constructed in 1916 to be the Arcata Women's Clubhouse. Today, it is a bustling community center, gallery, artist residency, library, music venue, and workshop, with lab facilities including printmaking, ceramics, textiles, small metals, book arts, woodworking, music recording, bicycle repair, culinary arts, gardening, homesteading, and more.


Founded in 2013 by neighbors interested in preserving and encouraging the creative spirit of their neighborhood, the Sanctuary became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2015. In addition to opening its doors to the community every Saturday for Open Lab and monthly for Arts! Arcata, the Sanctuary has actively partnered with like-minded individuals and organizations to continue cultivating vibrant arts communities in Northern Humboldt County.


Everyone who enters the building shares in a collaborative art piece that inspires and facilitates creative work, artful living, and environmental stewardship. As a community arts center, we are dedicated to these goals:​​

Maintain a welcoming space for creative expression by all people.


Build community through art and education.

Provide opportunities for artists to reach new audiences, expand professional practices, and explore new mediums.

Encourage people to explore their creative potential.


Find new uses for old and discarded resources.​​


Racial Equity

We desire to live in a world that has equity as a core value. We recognize that our world is far from that. We recognize historic violence and discrimination of "white" colonizers against "non-white" and indigenous peoples, and the profound impact this has on our world. Not just in the Americas more broadly, but here in Goudi'ni - known currently as Arcata, California. We recognize our country was founded on inequities that remain entrenched. How do we journey from here to the world we dream of?

We believe that differences are beautiful. What can be seen is only a shade of reality, and the truth of a person’s identity is in their spirit. Visual representation is limited, seen only through the lens of the viewer. How do we begin to see past what society tells us to believe - these engrained, hurtful, divisive constructs?

We recognize judgements based on “race” are commonplace in our culture. We recognize “race” as a construct without scientific basis, but with profound and inequitable effects on many lives. We are obligated to fight against injustice. We recognize our past mis-education. We believe art can help us change.

Art promotes self-knowledge. Art helps us explore our true selves. By learning to see anew, we believe we can begin to see past the presumed and assumed, to see people as complex beings. We believe a society of “makers” would consume less, and value life over the material things we’ve been taught to believe bring happiness. In reality they degrade us.

We believe racial equity statements should be templates, to be revised until they are tradition. We hope this will be a prompt to work toward equity - in our hearts, our community, and in our world.


Katie Belknap: Building Owner, Facilities

Erica Davie: College Corps Program, PR, Media

Vi Royce: Projects and College Corps support

For event rentals, lab inquiries, and programming contact us:

Board of Directors:

Secretary: Carlotta Clark

Members: Linda Alm, Sean Pitney, Katie Belknap, Erica Davie, Vi Royce

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