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My professional background is in nonprofit arts management and small business ownership, while my personal artistic passions involve photography, site specific art installation, performance art, and most recently an apprenticeship to learn letterpress and block printing. I am also a baker, an insatiable animal lover, a gamer, and an avid seeker of adventures. 


   Executive Director

& Co-Artistic Director

   Erica Davie

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Founder, Co-Artistic Director, & Facilities Manager

Katie Belknap

Katie Belknap is an artist who works with found items and materials. They may be bits of blue beach findings, wool felt, watercolors, linoleum for printmaking, 1930’s Sear’s catalogs, or songs. The goal is to bring each item into its highest purpose before it’s inevitable end. Her linocuts are often hand painted with watercolor; her collages and pen and inks take on musical and nautical themes.  As a founder and administrator of the Sanctuary, she is often found sewing in the dining hall or making music with the house bands, as well as creating and maintaining a safe harbor for our creative selves.



        Vi Royce

stuff about Vi

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Aida Kastel

stuff about Aida

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